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UltraCart makes setting up your store fast and easy! Simply fill out this one page form and your store will be operation. Sure there are a lot of other features of UltraCart that you can configure later on, but this will cover all the basics!
Step 1 of 8: Merchant ID

Your merchant ID will be used to identify your store to the UltraCart system. It may be up to 5 characters in length, and contain only letters and numbers. It is best to select something that is related to your store or merchandise. Please be aware this will show up on several documents that customers see and can not be changed after the fact.

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Step 3 of 8: Company

We need to know the name of your company, URL to your website, and contact information that you want to provide customers.

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Step 5 of 8: Payments

What type of payments would you like to accept? UltraCart recommends that you accept at least credit cards and PayPal. Some new merchants may choose to accept only PayPal because they can not afford a merchant account yet. That's OK!

American Express       
PayPal        (Recommended)
Electronic Check
Money Order
Purchase Order
Wire Transfer
Step 2 of 8: Administrator Login

Next, you need to select a username, login, and password for the administrator account. This information will be used to log into the UltraCart system. Please select a password that will be difficult for others to guess, as it allows access to sensitive customer information. Your password must be between 8-18 characters long.
UltraCart staff will never ask for your password.

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Step 4 of 8: Taxes

It's always been said you can't escape death and taxes! We can at least make tax setup easy. Typically merchants only have to collect sales tax for the state in which they reside. So if you're a merchant based in the United States enter your state and sales tax rate

Tax Rate (example 7.00%)
Step 6 of 8: Shipping

Where are you going to ship the packages from? UltraCart will use this address as the origination point for shipping cost estimation.

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Country [required]

How do you plan on shipping packages? UltraCart supports Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Please note that Canada Post is only for Canadian merchants.

Canada Post
Step 7 of 8: BuySAFE (recommended)

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Add buySAFE to your UltraCart right from the start to increase your store conversion and revenues today.
No application or setup needed and no fees.

Yes, enable buySAFE on my UltraCart. I agree to buySAFE terms of Service.

Step 8 of 8: Items

Let's get your store off the ground by configuring just a few items. We'll cover just the basics of an item here. After you've completed the setup you can always add more items or specify additional information about these.

  Item ID (SKU)        Cost        Weight (LBS)        Description       
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