Welcome to the UltraCart My Account Demo

Instructions for use:
I'd love to give you a email/password and let you explore this application, but as soon as I publish one on this page, some clever fellow is going to come along and change the password for it. (How original).
So, if you wish to test drive this demo, you have to spend about 60 seconds creating a dummy order and registering an email address. Don't worry - the email address can be (and should be) fake, as should all the other information.
The only valid information must be a valid combination of city/state/zip. If you don't want to use yours, just use Duluth/GA/30097. It's a lovely little suburb of Atlanta, proud home of traffic.

Steps (you must complete the entire order. profiles are only created on order completion to prevent spamming):
  1. http://secure.ultracart.com/cgi-bin/UCEditor?merchantId=DEMO&ADD=BASEBALL
  2. Click the Checkout button
  3. Create a customer profile (middle choice)
  4. Next Screen: Enter shipping information. Click "Use my shipping address as my billing address" -- saves time.
  5. Next Screen: Select a shipping preference. Doesn't matter which.
  6. Select a payment preference. Choose Credit Card
  7. Next Screen: Enter this for the credit card:
    • Card Type: Visa
    • Card Number: 4444333322221111
    • Expiration Date: Any date in the future
Once you've completed your order, return back to this screen and login. That's it.

The source for this demo is hosted on github.


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